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2012 Abs Activation On Dry Pavement

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Looking for advice on a new brake problem with son's 2012 LE. When applying the brakes hard on dry pavement, at any speed, the ABS kicks in, resulting in longer stopping and that annoying "clunk, clunk, clunk" noise. There is no ABS light on, or CEL, or ABS codes in the computer. I have:

Inspected brake system for leaks

Changed the brake pads

Resurfaced rotors

Cleaned ABS sensors and tone rings

Bled front brakes

Performed zero point calibration of yaw sensor


I am stumped as to what to do next, other than go to the dealer.


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I would take it in - just to rule out any issues with the wheel speed sensors (just in case they got damaged with all the work you've already done). If they check out OK - then it will be a matter of getting used to the new system.


A technician might be able to change the threshold on ABS activation - but more likely that you'll just have to just adapt to the sensitive brakes. Might consider upgrading the tires to something with a bit more bite (OEM Bridgestones - depending on market - are just an OK tire, little too slippery for my tastes).


Another part of the issue is many owners complaining that ABS threshold is too high - needs too much pedal pressure to engage. Used to be around 90lbs -125lbs of pedal force - not happening with some drivers.


Sometimes it is just a matter of getting used to the brakes - practicing emergency braking in an open parking lot or clear back-road and find out exactly where that activation threshold is - then back off the brakes a hair to get the best braking performance.


Each car is a little different - some require lots of pedal pressure, some very little. A Toyota Prius that I've test driven - I've never was able to come to a stop WITHOUT having the ABS kick in - even scared the sales guy a bit.


My own 2009 Matrix XRS - just breathing on the brakes will cause the ABS to engage. Compared to the previous 2003 Matrix XRS - you had to really stand on the brakes to get ABS to engage. Took a little while before I got completely used to the brake feel - but now I can properly threshold brake without ABS kicking in.

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