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Next New Car: To Be Or Not To Be Toyota

Toyota Motor Company - as good as it gets, or are there better choices  

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  1. 1. If you had to buy a new car in the next couple of months, would you choose Toyota?

    • Yes, Toyota still makes the most reliable vehicle out there for the money
    • No, Toyota has sat too long on its reputation, competitors are making better vehicles for your hard earned money
    • Maybe, depends if they start stepping up their vehicle's quality, go back to what made Toyota legendary in the first place

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I am no longer a Toyota Corolla owner. I traded my beloved '03 Corolla LE in April 2014 for a new 2014 Subaru Outback 2.5i -- the base model. I loved my Corolla, and even though I didn't put a lot of miles on her -- I traded it with 99,196 miles in 11 years, 4 months of ownership) it was a faithful, dependable vehicle. However, it was beating me to death on the few road trips I take each year to the Buffalo, NY area -- and the trips through the wind-whipped mountain passés of NorthEastern Pennsylvania were starting to unnerve me. I would find myself down to 55 MPH on I-476 just to keep the damn thing on the road.


The Outback I bought was on the local Subaru dealer's lot for quite some time -- I had test-driven it myself on three occasions since the fall of 2013! I bought it with 168 miles on the odometer -- and got one heck of a deal! I was also surprised to get $3800 trade-in allowance on my '03 Corolla -- especially since it has been in an accident in 2010 and had a trashed CARFAX.


My Outback is a base model 4-cylinder 2.5i with CVT. I did a lot of soul-searching due to not being willing to invest in the relatively new technology of the CVT, but now that I have it, it is nothing short of magic! I don't have a fancy infotainment system, navigation, or leather/heated seats. Just the basic Outback, but it does have a Preferred Equipment package which includes 17" alloy wheels, fog lights, and all-weather mats plus a few other things. I love having all that room to move things. A couple of months ago I returned a full-sized shopping cart that had been decorating the entrance to my development for a couple of weeks back to the Safeway. No problem -- slid right in on it's side! Do that with a Corolla!


I've not had a chance to give the famous Subaru Symmetrical AWD a real test yet, but will be driving to Buffalo again the week after Christmas and may be in some snow then!

Soooo…as much as I've enjoyed this forum over the years, and will continue to be a member, I have nothing further to report on my former Corolla -- except to say that it was a great car and served me quite well. If only it hadn't been nearly totaled, I could have probably got a bit more out of it at trade in time!

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I might be looking for a low mileage older vehicle to replace my 2013 Corolla L for the following.


1. Too much technology. Some government mandated and some Toyota additions.

2. Lousy visability.

3. Mandatory options like power windows and locks

4. Horrible bumper protection.

5. Too many car colored items like mirrors and door handles raising repair costs.


In the 70's and 80's, I rented Corollas and Tercels on my Exxon-Mobil corporate account in NYC because we got great rates. The cars were simple and indestructible.


I want the old Toyota slogan "Cheap to Keep" to return at least in selected models and trim levels.

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I'll be parting ways with Toyota in a few months when I sell my baby, an 05 Corolla S, for a Subaru Crosstrek. I live in Buffalo, NY and have been here for 5+ years and while the Corolla has performed like a champ with the notorious winter weather here, last winter had just too many hairy close calls due to the neverending and never melting snow on the local roads and highways. Even with snow tires and an additional 100lbs of sand aboard, my boy just couldn't hold to the road and I often found myself having to go faster than prudent just to have the momentum to get through drifts or plow piles in intersections.


Also factoring into the decision to sell is that I've come to that precipice in Corolla ownership where the car still has some value above the sum of its parts. My 05 still has less than 110K miles on it and aside from bumps dents and dings on the exterior from my time living in NYC with the car, it's in excellent rust-free condition. Who knows what kind of shape he'll be in after another slip-slidey, salty winter.


My main reason for leaving the brand is primarily the lack of reasonably sized and reasonably priced AWD vehicles in the Toyota family. Sure, the SUV's and pickups have 4WD available, but at the moment my needs and budget don't quantify buying one of the larger vehicles. I was keen on the RAV4 for a while, but the recent redesign is pretty heinous looking IMO and the price has just kept rising and rising on a model which at this point I don't feel matches the price tag. I'd love to find a late model used RAV4 with a fair amount of mileage on it, but this being Buffalo there are precious few models on the lease lot - and those that are tend to be high price, high mile beaters.


So in the end, it'll be Subaru for me. Crosstrek is slightly larger than my 05 Corolla inside, has better cargo storage options in and on top and has the all-important AWD. Price for a midrange model is about $2-$4K less than the entry level RAV4, at least around here, so as far as I'm concerned it's a no-brainer. I suppose I'll just have to wait until I hit lotto to get back into the Toyota market, when I can finally get my hands on a 1993 MR-2 :D

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