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Guest hoggster

98 Avalon Sterring Wheel Jerks

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Guest hoggster

when i take off from a stop when autotranss. shifts steering wheel jerks anyone know whats going on

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Need a bit more information:


- Mileage on the car? Did this just suddenly start, or has this been a persistent problem?


- How quickly are you moving from a stop - accelerating hard, or just smoothly accelerating?


- Notice any clunking or noise along with the steering wheel jerking?


- Happens only when moving from a complete stop? Have you noticed it when you slow down as well?


- How is the steering overall - still feels "tight", car has good straight line tracking, or does it wander all over the road?




If you are accelerating hard - not much you can do about that pulling, that is a function of torque steer on a FWD platform, like this Avalon. If you see jerkiness from almost any amount of acceleration, even happens when you idle away from a stop - possibly related to a steering issue or suspension issue. Unfortunately, without some further diagnosis - could be anything number of possible things - from worn wheel bearings, incorrectly alignment, bad power steering pump, damaged steering rack, worn tie-rod ends, worn suspension components (springs, struts, swaybar, bushings, bearing mounts), to even a slipping drive belt.

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