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Guest Dissevered

01 Corolla Burning Oil

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My father works for toyota here in ireland for over 40 years,now he tells me that corollas have thinner piston rings and slightly smaller pistons to help increase fuel economy but the downside is oil gets past the oil rings and gets burned off thus increasing oil consumption.He will not drive toyota anymore due to there bad build quality.


Your father's explanation is not that great. Here is a better explanation (long read): https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0TEXaT-W88kNWY0OGQwNmYtM2NmNi00MWNmLWFhNmYtNDk0YmYyNjBiMDYx/edit?hl=en&pli=1

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Hi there,i own a feb 2001 corolla 1.4 vvti with 220000miles.When i bought the car it had 75000miles and burned a little oil and had a little bit of rattling from the engine under load.I did nothing to fix this oil burning so now at 220000miles it burns 1 quart of oil for every 650 miles using 5w30 fully synetic mobil 3000 engine oil as recommened in the owners manual.This is the first time since buying the car that i have used the recommened oil,before this i used 15w40 semi synetic engine oil and it only burned three quarters of a quart every 1200 miles and the car will still do between 53 to 63 mpg.In ireland our car test is quite tough to pass but my car passed recently only being failed for a cracked mirror housing.The emmisions are only marginaly higher than they were 6yrs ago when the car had 75000miles on it.I know by irish standards my toyota corolla is pre historic compared to most cars on the road and the fact most new cars in ireland are now diesel,but it still goes and does decent mpg considering the milage on the engine and the oil burning issue.I am going to try mobil 15w40 new life engine oil on my next service and i change the oil every 5000miles just to see if there is any difference in oil usage and mpg.

Hello, first post here. Could use some help.

79,000 miles, bought used, no clue if the oil was changed regularly. New plugs new wires.

Burns 1 qt every 300 miles. Ran a compression test and get 190-200 PSI on all 4 cylinders. Does smoke a little out of the tail pipe, but not excessive. Tail pipe has a bit of build up on it. Does not leak oil while the car is off, yet my right drive axle does look a little shiny, so it may be possible something is leaking out of the pulley's and then the axle is spinning the oil off while it runs. Not sure though, I haven't dug into the car far enough to get a close enough look.

Oh and this may be another problem, but I get occasional misfires or similar lag under hard acceleration, and only under hard acceleration.

I am assuming the rings and valves/seats are good due to the successful compression test. I am having a hard time figuring out where the oil is going. Only thing I can think of is maybe a bad exhaust valve guide or a pulley leaking. I have read other threads and will check my PCV tomorrow, but am curious as to how this might affect oil consumption? I am moderately knowledgeable when it comes to cars but not enough so, and always looking to learn more.

Any thoughts? All help or even random guesses are appreciated.

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I have a Corolla 2000 and it also burns oil like crazy! I called Toyota about it today and they recorded my Vehicle Identification number. They told me if enough people call about the issue they will do a recall or some kind of customer support program. Please call them and tell them about the issue. It only takes 5 minutes and the number is 1(800)-331-4331

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Guest Richie

I have a 2001 Corolla CE 3 speed Auto. I have 74,000 miles and have not witnessed any oil burning and I bought it with 72,000 miles. What I do recommend is the following in order.

-Change Pcv Valve every 15,000 miles, air filter every 2 oil changes, spark plugs every 15,000 miles, spark plug wires after 50k miles and at least 150 miles before your next oil change to run Seafoam through your brake booster line, crank case and gas tank and later take it for a drive up to 65 mph.

- Also use your preferred oil company’s high mileage oil, they have detergents that swell those seals but please note that you must continue to use it religiously so choose wisely.

-Buy oil filters with a drain valve to ease all motor components during cold startup where most of wear and tear happens. Mobil 1 has a great oil filter although they are ranging from $8-$12.

-Once a year, run an additional seal swelling agent additive like the ones from STP.

-Do not keep your car idling for more than 30 mins if it isn’t necessary as it will cause a lot of blow by.

-Warm up your car before you take off after a cold start, it lets the oil circulate through the motor so that there is proper lubrication.

-When going down hill, try not to coast, slight keep your foot on the gas so that the car is not engine braking causing even more blowby. Brake when needed of course.

-Don’t get on your car and give it Italian tune ups everyday, this will cause more wear and tear than you’d think.


Hope this was helpful.

Good luck to all.

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