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Proper Way To Change Trany Oil On 96

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3-speed or 4-speed? Both takes Dexron-III ATF or equivalent and roughly about 4 quarts. The 4-speeds have a single fluid reservoir to drain and refill, the 3-speed transaxles have a separate differential that needs to be drained and refilled separately.


There are a couple of pretty decent writeup on this forum on how to perform a simple drain and refill of the transaxle, last I remembered.

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That would be very similar to the 8th generation Corolla with 4-speeds, as both use the A245E 4-speed transaxles - though not identical transaxles, the procedure to do transaxle service is the same.


Here is one topic that popped up from a search here:



Should be able to find a few more along similar lines.

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