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Corolla Trd Body Kit And Eneki 17" Wheels

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I know Im not an active member here but I just totaled my corolla and have some stuff off of it to unload before Im tempted to buy another corolla. First round is wheels and body kit. Please direct any questions or purchase inquires to my e-mail as I will check my e-mail 6+ times a day. If you are serious about purchasing I can list the item on e-bay so that you can purchase through e-bay if you would prefer that over a private deal. If you want it listed on e-bay the prices will be 10% more then the prices listed here to cover the fees, but you will have e-bay protection.



I will accept check or money order but item will not ship until payment has cleared.



I will also accept paypal and item will ship immediately.



Buyer is responsible for shipping cost, I can provide you with a shipping price or you can use the shipping box size / weight I have provided to calculate shipping from my zip code of 30004.



I have done my best to describe all parts accurately and describe any and all damage or points of interest. Hope it helps.



Direct inquiries to JustDoItM[email protected]







Price for 4 wheels and 4 Tires: $425 obo



Eneki RS5


Qty: 4


Size: 17x7


Offset: 40mm


Lug: 4x100, & 4x114.3


Hub Centric Rings: Yes


Lug Nuts and Key Included


Weight: 19lbs Each


MSRP: $139.99 Each






Khumo Ecsta AST


Qty:4 Mounted


Two tires are at the wear bars and need to be replaced VERY Soon


Two tires are BRAND NEW less then 500 miles on them!


Size: 205/40 R17


MSRP:$90.00 Each



Total cost to buy this package new: $919.96 + Shipping




All the wheels have a bunch of small stone chips. From more then 5 foot away you can't see the stone chips, but when right up on them you can tell they are chipped. None of the wheels have ever been bent or warped they are just as true as the day I bought them. This would be great for someone who wants awesome wheels but doesn't care if they are not perfect, or somebody who wants to repaint them and make them look brand new.









Wheel 1: This wheel has small stone chips as mentioned above but does not have curb rash or major flaws.





Wheel 2: This wheel has small stone chips as mentioned above but does not have curb rash or major flaws.





Wheel 3: This wheel has small stone chips as mentioned above but does not have curb rash. See next picture for flaw.





Wheel 3: Has an indention at the extreme edge of the wheel. It is right in the "butt" between wheel and tire and is almost invisible unless you are close.





Wheel 4: This wheel has small stone chips as mentioned above. Unlike the other 3 this wheel does have curb rash. See following pictures.





Wheel 4: This is the curb rash. If you cant tell from the pic it goes from the one spoke to the other but is limited to only the outer little band. In most places it does not even go all the way across the band. This rash would be fixable with some time if you were wanting to repaint the wheels as the rash is not very deep.





All Wheels: All the wheels have this badge that says "racing". For whatever reason they are all cloudy to where you can't read the words. I have tried to clean them but the cloud refused to go away. I never got around to it but you should be able to just remove the badge.





All wheels have the original center caps. All center caps are in good condition.



Shipping box size: 24"x24"x10"


Number of boxes: 4


Weight per box: 45 LBS (20lbs for wheel,20lbs for tire, 5lbs for packaging)[/size]



http://www.cardomain.com/ride/381170/1 Pics of wheels and kit on car.




Body Kit



Price for 6 pcs: $350



This is for the 98-00 corolla. It will not fit the newer version of that same gen bumper. Easy way to tell is if your headlight has two bulbs this will not fit. If your corolla is older then 1998 this will not fit.



This is the original TRD Polyurethane body kit, (MSRP $1500 in the day). Not some cheap Fiberglass knockoff, this is the original Molly Design Kit! When I bought this it had already been discontinued by Toyota and I had a heck of a time finding one. This kit DOES NOT have the spoiler anymore. It does however have the other 6 pcs, (front valence 2pcs, side skirt 2pcs, rear valence 2pcs.) This is currently painted silver and the buyer should expect to have it repainted to match their specific vehicle. I had this originally painted for about $360 so I would assume the price to be in that area to have this professionally painted. I repeat the buyer should be fully aware that this kit should be professionally repainted, it is not coming painted to match your vehicle. It is not without chips and some rough places but all areas are fixable and not in a place that it is visible except from below. The areas that face the wheel wells are pretty nicked from road debris but they are easily covered with some rhino lining or black paint.



I still have the original mounting instructions but you will need to provide the hardware. If memory serves me correctly there are 4 bolts that are already on the car and you will need to buy about 10 small self tapping screws, that can be found at Home Depot, as well as the 3M VHB tape to remount it. This is a novice install and it just takes some time to clean the old tape off and prime and prep the car and kit.





Front valence left: Has scrapes from pulling too far onto a curb. Not visible when mounted on the vehicle and could be sanded out when it is repainted.





Front valence right: Has scrapes from pulling too far onto a curb. Not visible when mounted on the vehicle and could be sanded out when it is repainted.





Front valence right: Has a crack in that circle. Its about 1" long and is barely noticeable unless you are flexing the piece. I have no idea where it came from but its location would lead me to believe that somebody tried to remove it without taking out the center screw.... The crack is on the bottom rear and is impossible to see when mounted.





Rear valance right: Paint is flaking off (black area) it is on the bottom and is not visable when mounted.





Side skirts: No damage to these.





Side skirt: TRD badges by the rear wheels. Looks super sweet.



Please note that most of the black lines in the pictures are tar and not scratches.



Shipping box size: 70x25x15


Shipping box Weight: 40lbs



http://www.cardomain.com/ride/381170/1 Pics of wheels and kit on car.

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Parts are all for 1998 - 2000 Corolla's??



The wheels are 4x100 (and 4x114.3 dual pattern) lug pattern and will fit most pre 2000 toyotas and hondas. You can use Discount Tire or the like website to see if the lug pattern will fit your vehicle.


The body kit is for a 98-2000 toyota corolla. It will not fit the 1/2 gen model where they went to the dual bulb headlight and modified the front bumper.


Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the well wishes! I know what its like to buy stuff on e-bay and when I list stuff I want to be durn sure that the buyer has all the information they need. I like happy buyers.

I buy and sell cars/parts, etc. on e-Bay and one thing I look at is the total price to me.

A lot of times it is not financially advantageous to bid on the item, even if it is very cheap, if the shipping is high.

I know it costs a lot to ship large or heavy items, but if they are local it is cheaper.

Shipping from the east coast to me (in CA) can be expensive and I can get parts that are closer for less money.

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