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Fs: 05 Corolla 5sp. Indy,in

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We will be selling our 05 Corolla LE 5sp in a few months. It has 35K miles right now. The 05 came with a 5 disk in dash CD changer. We JUST had ours changed yesterday because it was defective. The rear speakers were replaced as well. Factory ones were warped or something.


The car is in very good shape. The oil was changed at 3K miles with Mobil 1 and then changed every 5K miles. Mobil 5000 went in it once because Wally World was out of Mobil 1 at the time.


Includes XRS rims and tires (makes the car way more stable) and the stock steel wheels have winter tires on them.


More details later. This is some what of a feeler thread.




Selling because we are upgrading.

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Will be selling as soon as German turbo diesel's are on the market (again).


Currently has 37K miles. Will be priced edmunds suggestion. This car has always been garaged and cared for.


Pics coming soon.

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