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Guest graymatrix04

Detroit Area: Trade My 16" Oem Steel For Your 15" Wheels

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Guest graymatrix04



What I have:

(4) 04 Matrix oem 16x6.5" 39mm offset 5x100 steel wheels, each with ContiTouringContact CH95 205/55HR16 tire and wheel cover. 2 tires are down to wear bars, 2 have about 1/8" above wear bars. Wheel covers have minor curb rash, wheels otherwise in very good condition, 50k miles, no accidents or flats.


What I'd like to swap for:

(4) 03-07 Corolla oem 15x6" steel wheels and tires in drivable (to tire store!) condition. Preferably with wheel covers included.


I'm 95% sure these wheels are interchangeable. It's time to get new tires for my Matrix and I've decided to move toward the cushier end of the handling - comfort scale. Any 9th gen Corolla owners in the Detroit area interested in going the other way, please email me. Am thinking we could meet at my house near Royal Oak or somewhere midway between us and swap. If you happen to have 195/65-15 tires mounted (especially Yoko AVID TRZ) that have usable tread left, I'll buy those from you at the same time and skip my trip to the tire store. :D






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