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Pictures Of My Latest Car -

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Looks nice ofcourse Im biased with silver corollas. ;)

The color is coded as 3K9 - Light Beige Poly.

Unfortunately the clear coat has been sun-baked off and the car looks lighter.

I painted the fender Light Driftwood until I can get the real paint from a dealer.

I do like the silver colored Corollas, they are a good color.

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Here are some pictures I took today before I took out the passenger side drive shaft.

The drivers driveshaft is removed (as well as the wheel, the brake assembly is held up by bungee cord).

The front left fender had no paint and I painted it "Light Driftwood", not an exact match.

The car is up on jackstands in my driveway. That is where I am working on it.

My wife uses the garage to park her car, so I get the driveway!







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