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Check Engine Light And New Computer

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Guest dmpaq20

Thanks for this, yea I am going to close the deal on a that Corolla on friday.

With 72K I am over the hump.....I hope. I have a 01 Sequoia and Toyota took care

of me with the front caliper TSB. I have no complaints, so far

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Guest mactan2010
Although they are pretty tough units - vibration and power issues are still the top culprits for failing ECMs - though with the Toyota ECMs, I'm thinking a discrete component issue, i.e. manufacturing defect. Only seems to affect 2005+ Corollas and a small percentage of them. At least all the one's that I've heard go bad have been replaced under warranty.

I think with all the failures, that it is a component or design defect.

The fact that most fail while still under warranty leads me to believe that it is more than planned obsolescence failure.


Hi, I wish this was the issue for me. I have a 2005 Corolla with 94,000 (Hwy miles) and last Saturday I stopped for gas by my home and when I went to leave, the car

started, I drove 100 feet and then it died. I tried to start it, and it would start briefly and then die again. I pushed it into a parking lot and continued to try and start it

for about 10 minutes with no luck. I walked home and came back to the car 2 hours later and made it to the next shopping center an 1/8 mile down the road. I repeated this

a few hours later and made it home. On Monday I just made it (1/2 mile) to my mechanic's garage were he hooked it up to his computer and could not get a reading.

I told him about the possible defect as told on this website and he agreed this is what it might be (bad computer). I would go into too much detail about the hassle

and who gives a S__t attitude from the dealer including the "your out of warranty" crap, but it turned out it was the computer. It cost me $1079.00 (including the cost of the

tow from my mechanic) at "Atlantic Toyota in Amityville, New York. I have had all types of cars in the last 32 years, foreign and domestic and I was always been able to "make it"

to a shop or at least limp home, needless to say with this happening and the treatment with the "who gives a S__t attitude" from the dealer I will never buy another

Toyota for the rest of my life. To top it all off, the dealer forgot to bolt on the splash guards under the right side of the car and it was dragging when I arrived home, what a

car company!

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