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Fs: 98-02 Corolla Parts (toronto)

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These are relatively small parts so I can ship if you pay shipping. I'll clean them to my best ability before delivery.


All prices in C$. Guys in US - I can look at XE.com to give you an exchange rate.


All parts are for gen 8 (98-02) Corollas. Pics on request.


A-pillar interior trim pieces, I have both sides, gray, $40 each

Instrument panel junction box (the fuse panel going behind coin holder) $80

Integration relay w/o power windows $80 obo This guy controls your car's "body functions" including seat belt reminder and such

Center rear view mirror already wiped clean w/ mounting screws, gray $60 obo

Two passenger assist "Oh sh*t" bars, gray complete w/ hardware $20 each

Three Siemens relays, 2 of those go behind the junction box above $5 each

Passenger side power mirror without shell, mint condition, good for a power mirror retrofit $180

Front seat belt buckle, tan coloured, part number 73230-02020-E0 $20

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