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1996 1.8l 7a-fe Engine/tranny For Sale In Ca

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Bikeman, Awesome seller!


If I had need for a spare engine/trans i'd snap that up. put it up on 6gc as well, since people blow their 7afe's and need cheap replacements.

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I wish they were not quite so heavy. Most shippers want them put on pallets and that requires a forklift to get them on and off a truck. I don't have a forklift and for me to lift the engines by myself is a little difficult. I did purchase an engine hoist and I can get them in and out of a car when necessary.

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I have an engine and transmission for sale - automatic.







how much you want the 7AFE engine. can you please let me know at johntrantranjohn@yahoo.com I just have a hole on my engine. thanks

I purchased a car with a bad engine - it had a hole in it - and used this engine.

Thanks for your interest, though.

I do know there is a great looking engine at the local junkyard - 7A-FE with only 56,000 miles on it.

To get that would require some removal work, and also cost about $250.

The car it is in is actually a Prizm with the body heavily damaged. The radiator is pushed into the engine.

I think the engine could still be taken out (if it is still there).

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