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Mobil 1 Oil Filter

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Just don't forget the oil analysis in between and you should be OK.


Also, if this is the first time the car is having Mobil 1 EP running through it - I'd run a "flush" fill first with Mobil 1 and then the following fill will be the extended drain one. Worst case - you'd run into a problem with conventional oil not making it through and gumming up the works. I'd be pissed off if I ran it for a 10K extended drain and then ended up having to by a new motor at the end.


Good Luck.



hmm is oil analysis REALLY necessary? I'm feeling frisky... I mean risky. I think I'll be getting a new car in two or three years anyways.

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Well - it is your money, we can only offer suggestions. Check out BITOG forums for more info on extended drains.




If it was a different Toyota - I'd say give it a whack. With the 1ZZ-FE engines in the 1998+ Corolla/Matrix/Celica/MRS - probably fairly risky to do so. Given their reputation for stuck rings, bad valve seals, and oil pump issues on some.


If you don't want to pay for oil analysis - then go with 8K oil drains with synthetic. Most cars show good TBN and reasonable levels of insoluables while still allowing the viscosity to stay in spec. If these terms are new to you - check the baove link - lots of stuff to know about oil.

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