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A statement made in "Toyotatruthseeker's" remarks, above, would appear to be completely untrue.

It reads as follows: "IP addresses of the defamers (of activists) were tracked and found to be the same people doing the same postings under different identities".

If that is the case, and IP addresses were actually tracked--and individuals identified--this was a highly unlawful act by those who did the tracking and identifying.


Tracking IP addresses is done by every web site, unless the owner went out of their way to shut it off. We track IPs here though they are not made public. Finding out individual identities is indeed much harder.


That said, it isn't easy to get through Internet Service Provider firewalls, lawfully or otherwise.

There is only one way to do this --legally--one must convince a federal judge to grant a court order to do so.

I doubt this is true. I've known the police to do this. I don't think they even need a federal judge to compel the information to be released, but usually ISPs do it voluntarily where need is shown.


It would have to be done through a law enforcement agency, if permission was to be granted.

Given the frivolous nature of any request arising from a situation as suggested in this instance, no judge in existence would ever grant such an order.


That depends on whether a case could be made for harassment or threats of harm in which case it would be easy.


A fairly sophisicated hacker might be able to track to an ISP location, but these are large regional

servers providing intenet access to a very wide area of population. They don't provide individual locations under any circumstances, and won't unless ordered to by a court. The best most hackers could do would be to say a post came from "somewhere in a region".

Rather against my own experience.


I suggest that if something like this actually happened, (highly improbable that it did), then those who did it are guilty of a Federal Offence and can be prosecuted.

Those who are party to it are equally culpable, and equally subject to prosecution, so I would suggest if the author of that post had anything to do with it, best not broadcast it.

Either way, the poster is just blowing smoke!!


Specifically what law would this be breaking?


For tying together two posters by IP, that's trivial unless they go through an anonymizer. For finding individual identity, I can think of many ways to do that, but of course the big one is to trace them through their e-mail address.


In any case, I've certainly never done that or tried to, but I have supplied information readily and voluntarily to law enforcement officials that was used to track an individual down (through voluntary contribution of information by a national ISP) in order to nab a dangerous stalker.

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