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Guest iZoe

Synthetic In A Corolla And A Previa...

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i suggest don't switch over to full systhetic first, use a semi synthetic oil on your next oil change and after that you coul use the full synthetic.


rey t

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Guest oleg05

Thanks fishexpo101, I feel more educated now

And thanks reyt32, I guess it's too late now to change anything, but I believe I still have some reminder of old non-synthetic there, so my oil is actually semi- at the moment. G'bye!

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Guest sins

you can switch over to full anytime you want.... and you can switch back. I don't know why there is so much concern over sludge... if you change your oil frequently then you'll be fine.


when i first heard of the "corolla sludge problem," i got all worked up and actually opened up my valve covers to check. They are in perfect condition. i think it's BS. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt.


I use syn blend because i like to change my oil every 3k miles. If you switch over to full syn then you change it every 6k... some people change it at 5k.


Also, at the auto store you can buy a bottle of engine flush (diesel pretty much). You dump a bottle into your engine... run your car for about 10mins.. then flush out the oil and refill it with oil. Personally, I just go to the gas station and buy diesel to flush out my engine which is the cheaper approach.




If you want to go Full Syn then I would recommend you do it yourself. mainly because it is a lot cheaper. Syn oil is a$$ expensive.. around $5 a bottle. You will need about 4 bottles. Your Previa, though a 4 banger too, will take more because of its larger engine. If you pay Jeffy Lube to do it.. it might run you around $50-60.


I recommend Mobile 1 Full Sync BTW. I also like Bosch oil filters...but whatever.

also, when you install the oil filter...make sure to oil up the rubber ring a little bit. if you put it on dry then you're just asking for a leak.

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