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Guest Paul_VR6

Rough idle/low power Problem

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Guest Paul_VR6

Hello all, I'm new to these forums but I usually don't have any problems with my Prisim, but I'm having a little trouble with this one.


94 Prisim 1.6L low on power and has a rough idle like it's running on 3cyls. Replaced cap and rotor, wires ohmed out good and no arcing, plugs look okay. I put the timing light on each wire and there aren't any skips at you rev the car. Has 20" of vac at idle.


Now are there any known problems with these cars that could happen all of a sudden and NOT be ignition related? I don't want to spend too much on the fix becuase I can just get another one for what normal repairs cost these days.


The car does have the normal cracked exhuast manifold, but it's been that way for a LONG time and this problem just came up. I have another one to toss on but do you think that's the problem?


The exhaust has a slight fuel smell at idle, but I dont know how rich these cars normally run.


No check engine light or any thing else wrong that I can think of.


Thanks in advance for any help!!




82 VW Rabbit Pickup

94 GEO Prism

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Guest 90geoprizm

check your plugs maybe one of them isnt firing even though the wire is. Since your smelling fuel I cant really say that it would be an injector. The other thing youi might want to try is a compression test. If one of your cylinders isn compressing the fuel/air mixture enough than it wont fire. Good luck!

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