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I've included an entry here from the following web site which is simply a place that is for Toyota owners with engine oil sludge to place their signature at




The owner owns a Corolla that burns oil. He also seems to have the other two symptoms required by Toyota for qualification of the Customer Support Program for engine oil sludge. My question is will Toyota cover this repair given the same condition with the same symptoms in the Corolla?


One owner with only 31,000 miles or so who had sludge in the presence of proper maintenance. Toyota has offered the owner a $1,000 rebate toward a new Toyota.


Is this sufficient given this devastating diagnosis?






134. Jian CUI Corrola, 1998, 85000km


1. strong smoke smell in start.


2. engine oil sludge and engine oil burn smell.


3. The drop of engine oil is about 0.8 liter per 2000km. The Toyoto dealer in Downtown Toyoto in Toronto, Canada suggested the oil change per 6000km. They did the engine oil consumption for me and found the car consume 0.8 liter per 2000km. They said it is still under the standard limit set up by Toyota, which is 1 liter per 1500km. Based on this limit, 4 liter oil will be consumed per 6000km. Actually the engine oil tank of Corrola is 4 liter, which means my car might run out of the engine oil between the oil change at 6000km. What a rediculous standard.


4. the yellow engine check light is now turned to "on" from time to time.

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