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    Maybe those videos will inspire you to make your own YouTube video for rear axle beam. You may be the next YouTube star. If a 7-year old can make 22 million ...
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    Thanks a lot except that my problem is with rear axle beam. But I may use this video in the future....
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    It's behind the coin box on the drivers side. Take out the coin box and the relay is on the back side of the fuse block you will see. Try lightly tapping just below the 15 amp fuse to see if the relay is stuck. If it is the lights will turn off. I need to change mine but haven't been able to yet.
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    My mechanic informs that my Corolla both axles (right and left) need to be replaced. Recently my Corolla had the 4 wheels alignment service (but the alignment service warranty has expired) and the tires are wearing evenly. Is alignment service necessary after replacing the axles? Thanks, 1999 Corolla (US version) 180K miles