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    This generation has a learning transaxle logic, so if you only occasionally run it WOT, the reaction will be relatively slow. Resetting the PCM will temporarily wipe those settings, that's why it ran differently. If the fluid is good, pressures inside the valvebody and fluid lines are fine, nothing seemed amiss in the transaxle pan (excessive metal or material shavings) - then likely this is the PCM picking shift strategy based on driving patterns. Only thing I can think of is to give it a healthy romp on the highways every once and a while, change up the driving style. See if that will help out. A 2010 with 153K miles is really nothing to this car - as long as you stay ontop of the factory recommended service. Resetting the PCM won't hurt, but will wipe previously stored settings (shift points, air fuel timing, etc.) - if you disconnect the battery to do this, instead of through a scantool - then you will also reset your radio presets (may run into the radio anti-theft, depending on the receiver model you have).
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    Thank U all for your help. I found out that it was a fuse relay. I replaced it and my lights work even better now
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    This trick may help. Get access to the trunk by folding down the backseat:
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