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    That is not an accurate statement by any means. In the real world, there is no difference between my friends 'S' and my 'LE' driving in cross winds, the cladding does nothing but look (good or bad is your opinion). From a physics standpoint the 'S' would sway more in cross winds. The tires being the same on both cars, the 'S' model's cladding gives the car a greater surface area for the wind to push on and therefore makes the car easier to push. However, this difference in surface area is so small that you would never feel it while driving. What makes the 'LE' and 'S' handle better in cross winds than the 'CE' is the tires. 195/65/R15 tires are better at resisting lateral motion than 185/65/R15 tires are. The XRS should be on par (actually slightly better) with the 'LE' and 'S' since it has tires similar in size to the 'S' and 'LE'. The slightly better comes from the tighter suspension, which allows for better handling, but results in a harsher everyday ride.
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