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  2. I would check alternator. Battery is for starting, alternator is for running.
  3. Hello, I'm new to the forum. 2005 Toyota Corolla CE. ~210,000 miles. My Corolla had been running well, (except for the AC) Then it sat unused for 6 weeks or so. I tried to start it and it was completely dead. I had the battery checked out and charged and Autozone said it was a good battery. I checked, cleaned and tightened the battery cables. Checked as many of the ground wires in the engine compartment as I could find. I checked the fuses in the engine compartment and under the dash. I found 2 that were blown and replaced them. Now, when I insert the key, I get the door chime, but no dome lights. When I turn the key, the lights in the dash come on, the engine turns over, and sometimes it will run for about a second, but then it quits. If I spray starter fluid in the airbox, it will run for 5-10 seconds. I checked the fuel pump and it is working.. The other things that aren't working are the lights (headlights, taillights, stoplights), the dome lights (it does work when I turn it on, but not when the door is open), the clock, the radio, the wipers. Also, the shift lock won't unlock. I borrowed an OBD II reader, and plugged it in and it wouldn't come on, I suppose that means there is no power to the OBD port. There is no aftermarket alarm or anti-theft system. I have been under the dash, and I can see no frayed, cut or chewed wires and no other evidence of a mouse/rat.
  4. Well, it would be fun to get it that final 2,000 miles. Maybe tow it across the country?
  5. TEIN have 2 types available. The H ones are less of a drop than the S ones. I am opting for the former.
  6. Is anyone running the h&r sport lowering springs or the tein H tech ones? Are the h&r's worth the extra $10 XD it would be nice to get a little lower with the teins if ride quality and handling is about the same. The h&r are a 1.25" drop the tein are a 1.8".
  7. Dave

    Cam Rattle

    PCV filter you mean? It actually filters air rather than oil. Did you check oil grade? Noise sounds more like something's loose, to me, (a non-expert)
  8. For Corolla 2013 Owners Manual specifies 10K under the normal condition and if you use 0-20W (which is synthetic). It recommends 5K if you operate under special conditions, or use different oil. My previous Corolla 2007 used mineral oil with 5k interval.
  9. Agreed. In recent years owners' manuals have been going much higher in terms of intervals, but I think the late-2000s would likely be six months / 7,500 miles or some such. They're available at Toyota's web site.
  10. For synthetic or non-synthetic, it is recommended to stick with interval recommended by auto manufacturer, hence using owner's manual as noted in previous comment. ...
  11. Congratulations on reaching 300,000 SO what would be recommended interval for synthetic oil? 10,000K?
  12. There is nothing wrong with using either. You can even mix them. I only use synthetic when it is on sale at Costco. My 2003 Corolla has over 299,999 miles (odometer goes no higher). *The important thing is to maintain the oil change intervals as noted in owners manual.*
  13. I just replaced my 2007 Corolla with 137K miles, which was totalled by insurance, with 2013 Corolla with 35K miles. I know, based on the records which I found, that previous owner used Synthetic Oil 00279 0w201 01 0w20. I don't have much experience with synthetic oil so my questions are: 1. are synthetic oils compatible ? and 2. what is the recommended interval for oil change? My previous Corollas used dino oil with 5k interval. Thanks a lot for any help. Yahoo/Inbox M
  14. Guest

    Cam Rattle

    hi stumbled across this searching for toyota corolla noise.. what does the OCV filter do? i know it filters oil but is it oil going into head or flowing out of head? i have a 2000 corolla with some noise thinking might be rod bearings i did clean the filter and it was real dirty.noise went away for few miles but back again. just bought this car and was real low on oil. noise is around 2000rpms or higher get a clatter or knock. if i slow it down or speed up noise goes away. if i keep pushing and depressing accelerator wont make the noise.just when its a constant rpm over 2000. thanks.
  15. Sorry it took me so long to approve that
  16. If sound is on bottom-end it could be rod bearing. Here is example of replacement part ... https://www.monkeywrenchracing.com/product/mwr-coated-rod-bearing-set-4-toyota-2zz-ge-std/ Or something internal may not have been torqued properly.
  17. Corolla issues I have a 2010 Toyota Corolla with 97,000 miles. I am asking about hard shifts. From a stop and accelerating from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and OD, all is well and no issues. The issue is with downshifts from OD to 3rd or 2nd, especially when I need to pass someone. I will give a decent amount of throttle and it drops out of overdrive and waits... Then shifts into second. Almost like it missed third gear altogether and went to second. On the times it does find third, it lands into gear pretty hard and you can feel it jerk into gear. The concern is not only that something is wrong, but it's also starting to cause a safety issue. This issue isn't constant and I can't always recreate it. Some days it drives like a brand new car and other days it seems like it's time to trade her in? I bought this car new and was hoping to drive it for many years not just 10. I’ve always maintained it, used premium oil and it’s in otherwise mint condition. I'm running the original spark plugs. I started to think that maybe a general lack of power due to old plugs is causing an issue where the transmission is making up for the loss by shifting me back an extra gear when in normal conditions it wouldn't do that?. I'm honestly not sure. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome! Sharon Sent from my iPhone
  18. I own a 02" Corolla with 2ZZ-GE engine. About a year (12 000km) ago I have rebuild engine myself. Manual gearbox was rebuilt too, but by service guy. After rebuild everything was working fine, except for unusually noisy gearbox. Recently, about a week ago engine started to knock silently, and knock is more loud every day. Knock is audible only on acceleration from low rpm's (like 600), and almost disappears at about 1500 rpm. More engine load generates louder knock. The knock sounds like diesel engine, or tapping two wooden sticks. There is no knock at higher rpm's and engine easily accelerates to redline. ECU diagnostics doesn't show anything unusual. What are possible causes for that knock? Thrust washers? Gearbox? Anything else?
  19. I would go with RockAuto for anything non-OEM.
  20. Those LEDs can draw a lot more current than the standard lights. Wonder if there's a fusible link in there, or other damage to the wiring. I also wonder if a standard headlight would work?
  21. I’m curious about this as well and agree that nothing can be done to make a corolla look cool bc it’s not a cool car. I want some practical tires that will give me traction on all terrains and in snow. I have a 2006 with 15 in rims...anyone out there try all terrains? If so, what size should I be looking at?
  22. Depends on the nature of the work I'd think
  23. That's a lot of airbags, are they staging it out or doing it all at once?
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