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  2. Not really my area of expertise but I do know there are a few experimental methods out there, but using a welder still seems to be the most reliable and efficient method. Have you looked into brazing?
  3. A few months ago I was thinking about getting either a Toyota Prius Prime or a Lexus ES300h. My old vehicle held on for a while longer, and reading this made me extra happy it did. I wonder if this affected the Toyota stock?
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  5. I've had quite a different experience with aftermarket ones, actually. But it's all rather anecdotal, generally speaking I think it's fair to say that they are lackluster. Checking for leaks sounds like a good first step! As for your question, I wouldn't really know since I have no frame of reference. I've been stuck on the same catalytic converter for quite a while now.
  6. Hi oldaltis, I know it has been a while since the last posting here. Could you pls advise if you managed to figure out what was causing the problem? I am struggling with the same problem with the same engine. Thanks
  7. It might mean that, or it might mean that For the brand and model... I have no idea. I usually get stuff like that from Rock Auto. I have never in my life needed a new catalytic converter, even on very old cars; the only reason to replace them is usually (a) they get coated with junk from bad or leaded gas, or (b) the catalyst cracks, and you'll hear that if it happens. I did have something like this happen once, on a Neon, when the replacement oxygen sensor was bad. That's a pain to test because, well, you need to take the leap of faith and replace a pricey part. When I did, though, the code went away. I think checking for exhaust leaks makes the most sense based on what you're seeing, though. Some interesting info here, which surprised me. https://www.obd-codes.com/p0420
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  9. I have a 2000 Corolla, 200K miles with DTC P0420. It has a new spark plugs, few year old MAF sensor, and two new O2 sensors. The P0420 comes back every time soon after I clear the code with a scan tool. (Actually the code comes back quicker after the O2 sensors are replaced by new ones.) The scan tool cannot make plots, but every time O2 sensor 1 has low voltage (high O2 level), sensor 2's voltage also goes low within a second. I think this means the catalytic converter cannot remove much O2 from the upstream. I think I should still check if there are leaks in exhaust systems and fuel injectors. If I ended up needing a new catalytic converter, which brand, model would you recommend? I heard that some aftermarket ones don't work very well. Thanks,
  10. What is the need for coilovers? This would help us better advise you.
  11. I'm looking some good bang for my buck coilovers in the 500 dollar range. Any suggestions?
  12. If it's the oxygen sensor, the check engine light will go on and you can retrieve codes. Assuming it's on OBD II (I think that was required as of 1995 or 1996 so it'd have to be a late model engine).
  13. That's what I thought at the first place, but not sure if the MAF Sensor is the problem. I'll check the MAF Sensor and confirmed. What about the O2 Sensor, does it have anything to do with the problem?
  14. Maybe ensure sensors are clean; ie Main Air Flow (MAF)? Does it seem like it is getting too much air or too much gas?
  15. Just 2 months after overhauling my Toyota Corolla 5E-FE, i started experiencing few problems. One of the problems is," It starts fine & idling well when it's cold but hard starts when the engine is hot/warm" Really need assistance to get this problem fixed.....
  16. Burned

    Drum brake

    I have a drivers side drum brake that I am trying to loosen to get the drum off. I am having issues with the adjuster. Which way do I turn the adjuster from the back to loosen off the shoes? I can see the threads of the adjuster on the right from the back, so I am assuming I try to turn the adjuster downward?
  17. I replaced my spark plugs earlier in the year using over the counter item from Toyota parts department. Works great on 2003 CE with 1ZZ-FE enginee with over 299,999 miles! Now, I just need to replace 10-year old battery when it dies. lol.
  18. Guest

    Sounds Like A Turkey Under My Car

    My 09 Corvette is making the same noise. Seems to stop after driving awhile.
  19. Are we sure it is another layer of paint, or is it a protective coating (very popular nowadays) applied by owner or wrap shop.
  20. On my '99 the beige paint, at least, was defnitely different on the bumper covers than on the rest of the car — new from the factory with some of the protective material still attached.
  21. Hi, I am looking to purchase a 10th gen Corolla. I've seen two cars so far, and noticed that on both vehicles, both front and rear bumper covers seem to have been repainted--or at least having 2 layers of paint. If you were to look at the corner of the bumper cover, you can see a curved section where the upper layer of paint was applied. However, after looking at some more vehicles, it seems that they ALL have this "rounded upper layer of paint". Is this just how they came from Toyota's factory? I know the 9th gen bumpers don't seem to have this "additional layer of paint". Asking if the kind members here can post pictures of their bumper cover to confirm my suspicion. Thanks in advance!
  22. If people would just put the full URL, it would not look suspicious. It would look proper as in below ...
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