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  2. Guest

    2005-6 Corolla Remote Start

    Please , How, How do i turn off my remote start after starting it with a viper control outside the car.. Thanks
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  4. Monkey123

    Heated seats installation questions

    I am planning to install heated seats for my wife 2003 corolla for Chicago winter weather. The brand is Rostra and the price is around $150. After seeing some videos on Youtube, the most time consuming is the car upholstery. I want to know if the 2003 corolla use hog rings for the seat. My car seat is manual so I don't have to worry about airbag. I am also planning to use add a fuses to both car seats. Currently the car has Autopage remote starter and front and rear dash camera. These two are running on ACC. Hopefully I don't have to upgrade to a higher amperage alternator. Has anybody has experience with car upholstery. Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated. Monkey123
  5. Does anyone here know where the tail light relay is located on the Corolla? The parking/tail lights license plate light and gear indicator lights (A/T) won't turn off. From the symptoms and the wiring diagram, I think the most likely suspect is the tail light relay. (which controls all parking lights). However, I don't know where the relay is, and would appreciate if anyone could steer me in the right direction. TIA
  6. Dave

    Toyota recall

    Air Bags May Not Deploy as Intended NHTSA Campaign Number: 18V685000 Potential Number of Units Affected 168,187 Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (Toyota) is recalling certain 2018-2019 Toyota Tundra and Sequoia vehicles and 2019 Toyota Avalon and Avalon Hybrid vehicles. The air bag electronic control unit (ECU) may erroneously detect a fault during the vehicle start-up self check. If this occurs, the ECU may not deploy the airbags as intended, in the event of a crash. As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 208, "Occupant Crash Protection," and 214, "Side Impact Protection." Toyota will notify owners, and dealers will update the software for the air bag ECU, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin October 22, 2018. Owners may contact Toyota customer service at 1-888-270-9371. Toyota's number for this recall is J0X. Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to www.safercar.gov.
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  8. Burned


    2004 Corolla 1.8L, hearing a rattle from below the engine when cold and in gear. Goes away when warm. I was underneath the car checking the exhaust. Sounds like its coming from the oil pan area. It has new belt tensioner, belt, and timing chain tensioner.
  9. franklinpug

    2013 AC stopped working

    The AC on my 2013 stopped working today. Fan motor runs fine, and the ac light comes on, but all i get it hot air. I had a similar issue with my old 2003 Corolla, and an AC relay replacement did the trick (which I learned about on this forum). With the 03, I swapped the horn relay for the AC relay just to test. I want to do the same with the 2013, but none of the relays are labelled in the manual or the fuse box under the hood. Can someone help me out?
  10. 80sarefun

    Help, please: My '02 ran out of oil?

    Based on your narrative.....replace engine. Oil not showing on dipstick until a quart was added is sudden death for ICE. Or better yet part out the car (make a little money out of bad situation). Other alternative is junk the car. Replacing the engine will cost more than the car is worth. TOUGH lesson learned! Sorry for the bad news but you did it to yourself. Maybe dad can throw you a few bucks for a new ride. Pay him back cause money is hard to come by. Most folks work for it. It will make him proud of his son and all fathers glow when their children 'man up' All the best autotech!
  11. 80sarefun

    20 Mpg In Town

    Use low rolling resistance tires. The Harmony won't aid gas milage. Don't get me wrong, Michelin tires are the best as far as ride and longevity. I run them and love them. I am sure Michelin makes a tire for best gas mileage but it will get less miles on wear out. Check the TireRack web site. They give ratings, results of tire testing and owner ratings. They quote cost, shipping and have approved installers. That said, the low rolling resistance tires will only improve gas mileage 1-2 mpg. One more bit of fact. If you drive less than 8000 miles per year and follow guidelines at about five to six years, one should buy new tires due to sidewall exposure. Sun and ozone exposure cause cracking of the sidewalls. The very thought of a blowout at speed is enough to cause me to buy new tires, e.g. your wife or daughter driving. This is probably TMI. Best regards, Dick
  12. So here is my mechanics report. Check for buzzing type noise on cold starts. Noise coming from throttle body. R&R intake tube and verify excessive play in throttle plate in startup position. He went on to explain that when the system started sucking air it would cause a vibration in A Worn butterfly valve basically.
  13. Dave

    Dim Clock

    One would think these would be an easy junkyard fix? (As in, swap in one from a wrecker, then take the original and try the solder fix.)
  14. 03Corolla9thGenCE

    Dim Clock

    Can you make a video and upload it to YouTube? You can use your cell phone perhaps. That way you can explain the issue better.
  15. Back to normal (and has been for a while) in case you wondered.
  16. Guest

    Dim Clock

    Hi i have a 2004 corolla but no h or m button for clock does not work as well
  17. Dave

    New to me 1994 Corolla DX

    Sounds like a bad ground or a short somewhere in the harness.
  18. 03Corolla9thGenCE

    High-beam Dash Light Blinking

    One thing I forgot to mention, was to look in the owners manual. For newer Corollas, it should be available online if you don't have hard copy. It should explain the blinking.
  19. joshutsr

    New to me 1994 Corolla DX

  20. Guest

    Stripped Torx Head Bolt

    I'm having the same AC torx stripped head problem. is anyone familiar with the length and thread of these 1.8 prizm Torx bolts? GM has them as GM part # 94858029 & 94858028 both discontinued!
  21. Dave

    New to me 1994 Corolla DX

    Look for anything else that might be loose under ther, could be radiator mount or some such... loose airbox lid...
  22. joshutsr

    New to me 1994 Corolla DX

    Well I'm done with my piece of crap Plymouth Duster and am picking up a 94 DX for $800. Passed smog but has some good vibrations coming from the middle of the hood so I'm suspecting that it's a motor mount and maybe the transmission one I hope. It only has 150,000 and I'm excited. Took it for a test drive and the automatic shifted good minus that loud vibration sound. I should take a video of before and after to help others trouble shoot and see if it helps. Anyways what should I be looking for with this car? I've never owned a Toyota and I know she's an old car but passed smog and drives nice makes me happy.
  23. 03Corolla9thGenCE

    High-beam Dash Light Blinking

    I would take it to the dealer. If it needs fixing, get a quote. I have a 2003 (9th gen - yours is 8th gen). My "daytime running lights" are the low beams, but are slightly less bright than when the low beam is on. It could be a bad relay. Often these are inexpensive modules that can be bought online (I go to Rock Auto). Now, on a side note, perhaps unrelated, it could be a wiring issue. Rodents have been known to chew stuff that feels good in their mouth. My daughters 2006 Corolla S had problem with wiper washer not working. Seems that a rat or mouse chewed it through. Dealer found and fixed (quite inexpensive), which saved me a lot of time.
  24. Guest

    High-beam Dash Light Blinking

    I have the exact same issue with my mom’s 2001 Corolla. Been trying to figure it out as well. No way that it’s normal. It’s irritating for sure, and it behaves identically to everything you described above. I was figuring a relay as well. So far no luck—
  25. Guest

    01 Corolla Burning Oil

    I have a 2001 Corolla CE 3 speed Auto. I have 74,000 miles and have not witnessed any oil burning and I bought it with 72,000 miles. What I do recommend is the following in order. -Change Pcv Valve every 15,000 miles, air filter every 2 oil changes, spark plugs every 15,000 miles, spark plug wires after 50k miles and at least 150 miles before your next oil change to run Seafoam through your brake booster line, crank case and gas tank and later take it for a drive up to 65 mph. - Also use your preferred oil company’s high mileage oil, they have detergents that swell those seals but please note that you must continue to use it religiously so choose wisely. -Buy oil filters with a drain valve to ease all motor components during cold startup where most of wear and tear happens. Mobil 1 has a great oil filter although they are ranging from $8-$12. -Once a year, run an additional seal swelling agent additive like the ones from STP. -Do not keep your car idling for more than 30 mins if it isn’t necessary as it will cause a lot of blow by. -Warm up your car before you take off after a cold start, it lets the oil circulate through the motor so that there is proper lubrication. -When going down hill, try not to coast, slight keep your foot on the gas so that the car is not engine braking causing even more blowby. Brake when needed of course. -Don’t get on your car and give it Italian tune ups everyday, this will cause more wear and tear than you’d think. Hope this was helpful. Good luck to all.
  26. Dave

    Need Corolla Parts?

    And we see a guide on buying car parts ... ( https://www.acarplace.com/2018/09/where-to-buy-car-parts-it-depends/ ) >> Okayed by moderator as not being spam<<
  27. Dave

    20 Mpg In Town

    Best mileage is at lowest rpm IF the engine isn't straining. Sometimes you do better at higher rpms when traveling with a heavy load e.g. going uphill with a/c on. Best thing you can do for mileage is shut off a/c On the highway optimal mileage depends on the car. I've driven many cars I don't own; some do the same at 55, 65, and 75 (torque, gearing, aero), some plummet after 50. One car dropped 3-4 mpg with the a/c on!
  28. Added your "review" to our 2019 Corolla page. Can't wait to get into one myself.
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