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    03 Corolla Engine Noise?

    I have a similar issue with my 05 corolla. Recently it started droning very loudly at around 30mph. Not only that, but the drone gets worse at exactly 70 mph, but over 70 it dies down a bit. It’s an automatic, and it’s not like the tachometer is ever going above like 4000 rpm let alone anywhere near the redline, but it sounds like I’m rolling in low gear, at least from inside the cabin
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  4. Odd thing I noticed about my trip meeters - both seem to go back to zero at 10,000 miles.
  5. UPDATE: 2020 Toyota Highlander is here! (Full story) Pics from the show floor coming soon
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  7. Coming on Wednesday, and I'll be there! (Check back Thursday to make sure you see it all)
  8. I'd like a late model Automatic Transmission with more gears for Interstate driving - currently engine RPM at 75_+ seems screaming. Is there a late model bolt in motor/trans combo that doesn't require a welder? Also .. steering is too quick at Interstate speeds - sneeze & it's guardrails. Is there a less quick set up that bolts in ? It's a 1997 Tercel Blackhawk in very good condition. Thanks in Advance. BMT
  9. Toyota has finally called it quits on the Tundra, launched in 2007 and not really updated since 2014. The truck was highly competitive when it first launched, but still struggled to find buyers in the face of hot competition from rapidly evolving Chevy, Ford, and Ram pickups. Chevrolet and Ford both have midsize pickups now, which compete against the Tacoma; Ford has an aluminum-bodies full-size, while Ram has an independent suspension, and all have eight to ten speed automatics. Ram also has a diesel and hybrid option; overall, the Tundra is, oddly, the least-economical of the four. According to Automotive News, the next generation Tundra and Tacoma will both have the same platform (“F1”), just as Toyota’s new cars are sharing one platform. What’s more, the odd collection of pickups Toyota sells around the world will all move to that platform. The company already makes Tundras and Tacomas on the same assembly line in Texas (though the Mexican plants only make Tacomas). The first introduction should arrive next year, as a 2021 model. The Toyota Tacoma has dominated midsize pickup sales for years, and Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge all dropped their midsized pickups for some time until Chevy popped back into the market with the Colorado; Ford recently relaunched the Ranger, as well, and Ram is reportedly working on something. At one point, Dodge had the same pickup strategy, moving the midsize Dakota to the Ram 1500 platform. Dakota sales plummeted, though part of that may have been due to odd styling. Toyota is more likely to take the opposite approach, keeping the Tacoma sacred and altering the Tacoma to fit the Tacoma’s needs.
  10. That's the cost effective option. One of our 2007 Corollas is at 347,000 and the other is around 175,000. On the high mileage car, trip odo "A" is zeroed at each fill, used to check fuel mileage. Trip odo "B" is zeroed when I change oil and filter (I use synthetic and Toyota filters on a 7,500 mile cycle for my rural use, not the 5,000 mile cycle on the automatic reminder), but I do the math and record actual total mileage in my little book. So any maintenance is recorded by checking that trip odo, adding to total recorded at last oil change, then entering true total. I do not believe the trip odometers have anything to do with the maintenance reminder light. It's not the trip odo that actuates the light. I TRY to remember to reset my maintenance light at 2,500 from last oil change, so it will remind me at 7,500, but I usually forget. Fortunately, the reset sequence for Corolla is very easy.
  11. The US version of the 2020 Toyota Yaris Hatchback is going to be revealed at the New York Auto Show, and we will be there. The little car has a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers 106 horsepower, hooked up to a 6-speed automatic transmission with a sport mode; it’s estimated to achieve 40 MPG on the highway. To sweeten the deal, the Yaris won’t be an econobox: it has Toyota’s sporty new platform and tuning, standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a 7-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth, voice recognition, six speakers, and two USB ports. There will be just two grades—the base models are gone! Buyers can get the “Luxury Edition” LE or “Extra Luxury Edition” XLE only. Standard equipment is to “defy segment expectations.”
  12. My 2001 Corolla recently developed a ticking sound coming from the top end of the engine, listening to the top of the engine with a stethoscope I was able to figure out that the ticking is loudest at one of the injectors, does that sound like an issue with the injector itself or with the valves for that cylinder? the engine has no other problems and runs great other than the ticking sound
  13. Guest

    4afe Valve Timing

  14. I'm hoping someone can give me a direction to start in with an EVAP System fault on my 2016 Corolla Sport. Only fault listed is P2420 Switching Valve Control Circuit High. I've checked and reset the fault 3 times now and every time this fault comes back, as expected. Any suspects that anyone might think of?
  15. Your odometer failure isn't so much a problem but a design failure. The 299,999 is the designed high end for the odometer and my '07 (337,100 miles) has the same exact issue. Good luck in finding a new one available and the cost will be in the $500-600 range. You could swap in a used one if you could find one with low mileage that would fit but you would still have to account for all of the miles that were on the old unit. No reset option. The trip odometers still work and I use "A" for each fill up mileage and I use "B" to keep track of the running mileage since it will activate the maintenance light for oil changes. Good luck in however you decide to proceed.
  16. I would guess it's the switch, as you suggest
  17. Dave

    Shell Rotella T6 5W-40

    I wouldn't use it... or additives. Just don't worry about the noise. If you're using synthetic oil and the correct grade (was it 5W30? I can't recall...) then you're set. Engines can last hundreds of thousands of miles in those conditions.
  18. Made some cosmetic changes to the posts and threads.
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    Changing Spark Plugs On 1999 Corolla

    how to change spark plug wirers on toyota corola 1999 le
  20. Yes actually you can. I have bypassed mine on a 2002 Ford Taurus and the car runs fine. I went the parts store about 4 times to find the right size belt to bypass it. Just keep your receipt and go one size smaller everytime. Good luck.
  21. How do you replace pcv on gen 11 or just where is it?
  22. Oops: Toyota is recalling 2019 Camry and Avalon hybrids, because they may not have connected the fuel filler pipe to the gas tank (after taking them apart for an inspection). D'oh! The recall, starting this month, is #K01, and includes a new fuel filler pipe. Only 205 cars are affected in the US.
  23. It's a shame that if you like the advanced options, you need to get the slushbox.
  24. It's kind of interesting to me that part of it is adapting to the crossover craze, and part is increasing electrification.
  25. Toyota is investing around $750 million in the United States, resulting in another 600 jobs, to make more engines (Alabama), hybrid crossovers (Kentucky), hybrid transaxles (West Virginia), and aluminum castings (Tennessee and Missouri.) All of Toyota's investments are in the anti-union South, and might be replacing jobs in the UK. The investments in Kentucky and Missouri don't involve more jobs, and the Tennessee investment will only add 13 jobs. Toyota’s plan, overall, is to invest around $13 billion in the United States from 2017 to 2023. Around $5 billion has already been spent and around $3 billion hasn't been announced yet. The Kentucky plant only makes cars now, but will add the RAV4 and a small Lexus crossover.
  26. This same belt (K060605) by MasterPro also seems to work on a 2005 Corolla to bypass a bad A/C pulley. The tensioner seems a bit tighter with the new belt, but I haven't noticed any change in performance or slipping on decreased contact areas, the increased tension likely helps to counter that.
  27. Do you think that you could run good safer numbers using a silver top 20v head sence there will be lower compression for boost?
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