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  2. On my RAV I had the light not go off....if I remember right it was the spare tire was low on air.
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  4. Toyota is recalling the 2019 Lexus LS500, LC500, ES300h, UX250h, LS500h, Toyota Prius, RAV4 HV, 2019-2020 Toyota Prius Prime, and 2020 Corolla HV, because the brake booster pump may fail. This would cut off brake assist and deactivate the stability control. The recall, slated to start on September 9, involves replacing the pump. Toyota owners may contact Toyota customer service at 1-888-270-9371 and Lexus owners may contact Lexus customer service at 1-800-255-3987. Toyota's numbers for this recall are K1L/K0L. Lexus' numbers for this recall are K2F/KLF. Not all vehicles will get new pumps, and not all these vehicles were sold in the US. Toyota wrote: “Although the involved vehicles are within the above production period range, not all vehicles in this range were sold in the U.S. (2) Only vehicles in the above production range which had a brake booster pump containing a plastic brush holder produced with an improper shape discussed below could be affected. Note: Based on production records during the specific manufacturing process discussed below, Toyota estimates approximately 25% of the vehicle population may contain a brake booster pump which was manufactured with inappropriate parts.” From the federal record: In late May 2019, warning lights were found illuminated on certain vehicles during a final inspection process for braking and/or while driving from the final inspection line to the vehicle yard at certain Toyota manufacturing plants. Toyota inspected these vehicles and found Diagnostic Trouble Codes related to the brake booster pump. Toyota and the supplier investigated the recovered brake booster pumps. The brush holder within the pump motor was found to be out-of-specification. The supplier found that a component of the upper mold of the die at one of two molding facilities used to produce brush holders was replaced on April 11, 2019, creating this condition. If the brush holder is out-of-specification, the Vehicle Stability Control system may become deactivated. (In addition, the Regenerative Brake, Antilock Brake, Electronic Brake force Distribution, Traction Control, Brake Assist, Brake Hold, Pre-Crash Brake, Adaptive Cruise Control, Intuitive Parking Assist, Intelligent Clearance Sonar, Emergency Stop Signal and Active Cornering Assist system will also become deactivated for certain vehicles, and for some vehicle models, the Electrical Parking Brake system function will also be limited.)
  5. In my Corolla 2007 Air bag light comes on after about 10 seconds after starting engine. Called dealer, they charge $115 or more just for diagnosis. The guy told me that if the light is on the left of the dashboard that means that the issue is with driver side. Is that correct? When I just put the key to the ignition I have only one light, which by the way goes off after a while. Other symptoms are : Horn is working and the light is coming on even if I start the car from the window (nobody is sitting in). I checked both connectors under the seats and visually inspected cables but didn't see any obvious problems. I appreciate any comments and advise what my next steps should be.
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    Coil Packs

    hey replace all four coil packs they weaken over time before going completely bad the computer wont detect this but car will jerk- hesitate is a sign , replace all four spark plugs too at same time, if still bad replace fuel injectors
  7. Toyota's thinking about spending $400 million on new automation for its truck plant in Texas, which will make next-gen Tacomas and Tundras on the same basic platform (an idea which worked so well for Dodge, with Dakota+Ram, that there are no Dakotas today). The state has been asked to provide tax incentives for the move, which would preserve some jobs but presumably eliminate others unless sales of the Tundra rise.
  8. Toyota is recalling just 464 2018-19 Prius cars (US recall #19V-491, Toyota recall K0K) because a voltage converter may fail, causing loss of power. The recall will start in mid-August and involves replacing the DC to DC converter.
  9. I still have parts from some of my old cars in my yard, garage, house that I would like to sell/give away. They are for the 7th generation Toyota Corolla (1993-1997). Let me know what you may need. I have an engine, two transmissions, bumpers and associated bumper parts, all the lights, some fenders, main engine wiring harnesses, door handles, seatbelts, etc.
  10. It looks like it could be a rubber stopper that keeps the hood from slamming down too far. You probably had two near the front at one time and this one fell off. It doesn't cause any serious problems if it is not there, maybe a hood rattle. Just my guess.
  11. I bought the car and have been driving it for a few years. It is a great car!
  12. Toyota will not make Corollas at its new plant — it will instead make a new crossover. I think they are tired of discounting Corollas in the Age of SUVs. PS> Apparently some ad blockers prevent the message window from appearing. Nothing I can do about that now!
  13. No worries - I thought it was the firewall at my work that was preventing posting for me. Good to know - faster can't hurt either!
  14. Need more information - make, model, model year? Many of the TPMS have some threshold that must be met for the sensor light to turn off - sometimes can be sensitive to a handful of PSI. On my RAV4 - if the pressure difference is more than 5PSI, the light will trip. Some have to be manually reset to turn the lights off - usually it is noted in the user's manual - many times, it is just some button in the glovebox or similar that you have to press and hold to reset the light. Another possibility - one or more of the tire sensors battery failed and not being detected by the TPMS control unit, so it thinks the air pressure is way off. Of course, if you installed tires without sensors in them, that light will stay on the whole time until it detects those sensors again.
  15. I can't get my tire pressure sensor light to reset is that because the air is still not right or is something wrong with it cuz I think I'm putting in the right are like it says but it won't reset
  16. All cars rev faster when cold. 2,000 rpm is higher than normal.
  17. I to have a 2009 Toyota Corolla, with the same noise, as I was reading through the posts, I took my corolla to the Toyota Service Center, and of course I knew it would be an all day thing, Yes this is where I bought it, so as I went into the service area and told them I would like to have a code reader to see what code it was throwing. Of course it had to have a cool engine before they would get it into the bay. I promise you, I sat in the lounge for a total of six hours, and I could see in the lot where they parked it, I was told that the tech went out to start it and it didn't make any noise, okay, never saw anyone go out and start it let alone pull it into the bay. Fed up with the noise, I am on a mission to get this car fixed or junk it and get another one, by chance I resolve the issue I will sure post and let everyone know what the problem is, so they don't go out of their minds like me.
  18. I've heard of older Corolla engines rev-ing fast at idle when cold. Maybe they (Corollas) just do that? IDK. Btw, what year is your car?
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    Speedometer Not Working

    Had the same problem 96 Toyota Corolla. Got a used cluster from junkyard but now odometer works and speedometer doesn’t.
  20. Due to abuse, I've taken away guest posting rights.
  21. With manifold leak, there might also be a check engine light. M.I.L._ON_DTC_P0171,_AND_OR_PO133_ENGINE_RUNNING_LEAN_IN_SUBFREEZING_AMBIENT_TEMPERATURES_T-EG045-07.pdf
  22. Could potentially be a leak in the intake manifold. On 9th gen Corollas like yours, there was a TSB for an updated intake manifold gasket that sealed better against the composite material, especially in cooler temperatures. But those tend to "cycle" between fast idle and normal idle constantly. If it is just fast idles right after starting up - but eventually coming back down to normal idle range - sounds like it could be the new normal to me. Noticed my RAV4 and Corolla doing that more and more when the weather is colder - chalking that up to the amount of miles on them (almost 300k on Corolla, 105K on RAV4).
  23. Doesn't appear to be a motor mount to me. Looks more like one of the rubber bumpers that attach to the hood or even possibly part of the radiator mount (vibration isolator). Could also be something that sits next to the hood release latch to help push up the hood. Since the Vibe has some parts that are not interchangeable with the Toyota Matrix clone - totally possible GM tried to shoehorn something from their parts bin in there that I'm not familiar with. But unless the car is driving or running erratically, I wouldn't worry too much about it at this moment - sounds like you have other stuff to worry about.
  24. Looks to me as though the coolant temperature sensor is disconnected, bad, or improperly grounded (or shorting). Check engine light would apply to that. Oil pressure light always goes on when you have the engine in Run but not running. Temp gauge is the giveaway. Fan runs because the car detects bad coolant temp sensor. Code reader is your friend!!
  25. just looked and the offset is +40 on the konigs. I've looked at all those sites before. I was just wondering if anyone was running them because I have found literally no pictures of them on a corollaXD thanks for the help though
  26. Just got my motor back together after replacing the head gasket, rings and rod bearings. I followed the Haynes manual first start procedure: removed spark plugs, disconnected the fuel circuit opening relay, and removed the distributor cap and rotor and jumped the center contact to ground. This is to prime the oil pump which was also replaced. When I turn the key to "on," the radiator fan starts running and does not turn off without disconnecting the battery. The check engine light, and the oil pressure warning light both come on. The temperature gauge also moves into the bottom of the normal range. When I turn the key to "start" nothing happens with the starter. I removed the starter and had it tested. It works. I also tested the starter relay. Powered, and unpowered it checks out. The fusible links associated with the starter circuit both look good. Any insight would be much appreciated.
  27. This is what I found out for 17"x8" rims with brand Konig ... https://www.fitmentindustries.com/store/wheels?sort=popular&year=2003&make=Toyota&model=Corolla&trim=CE&suspension=Stock Suspension&dia=17&width=8&brand=Konig&bolt=5x3.94%2C5x100
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